Serviced Hot Water

Serviced Hot Water Professionals. Sunpak Projects help you reclaim the best Water Heating options available. Efficient, Safe Hot Water Solutions that deliver endless hot water supply to your guest.

Sunpak Projects are Heat Pump specialist, we supply, install, and manage Commercial Hot Water Systems so you will never have a hot water problem again. Contact our commercial heat pump experts to understand the options for affordable bulk hot water heating that won’t let you down.

Commercial Hot Water - Centralised Hot Water Solutions

Serviced Hot Water Sunshine Coast

Serviced Hot Water Sunshine Coast, Sunpak Projects are Leading Commercial Heat Pump Suppliers of all the biggest and best Hot Water System brands.

With over 45 years of industry experience, Sunpak Projects will investigate, report to solve your Hot Water issues fast with professional customer service and care.

Why use Sunpak Projects as your Service Hot Water provider?


  • Reduced project capital required.
  • Low or No Cost replacement of aging or inefficient commercial hot water plant and equipment for existing buildings.
  • Hot water plant and equipment supplied and installed by Sunpak Projects.
  • Sunpak Projects is responsible for the full design of the Hot Water Solution.

Hassle Free Hot Water:

  • Sunpak Projects provides robust and reliable solutions designed specifically for the buildings ongoing hot water requirements.
  • Any breakdowns or ongoing maintenance requirements are the responsibility of Sunpak Projects
  • Sunpak Projects will professionally manage and maintain the serviced hot water equipment supplied.

Appealing to Residents:

  • An affordable and reliable continuous supply of hot water, based on a service guarantee an agreement.

Automated Billing:

  • Fully managed metering and billing of hot water for individual apartments – only pay for what you use.

Environmentally Smart:

  • Using innovative design principles and utilising highly efficient heat pump technology and thermal storage options, reliable commercial hot water solutions can now be implemented to reduce the environmental impact and carbon emissions in comparison to alternative commercial hot water solutions without compromising on performance or affordability.

Contact our head office so we can help you reduce your water consumption & reduce your energy cost by 30%.